Columbus Ohio or hot dads

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Coneys and Wraps are what we do! Our constantly simmering Coney sauce is a family tradition since Leaving None Behind Training for excellence is what our family team is about. We have four generations carrying on their love for food and serving people. An all-beef Frank with yellow mustard. An all-beef Frank dog on a bun.

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Soon to be one of your new favorite. Add a footnote if this applies to your business. A flour tortilla with loose beef, onions.

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A flour tortilla with pulled chicken, onions and Cheddar Cheese. A flour tortilla with campfire beans, onions and Cheddar Cheese.

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A flour tortilla with hot sauce. Cheddar Cheese and Onions.

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Fries covered with our Queso Cheese Sauce. Our slow cooked Pinto Beans Seasoned just right topped with diced onions. Powered by GoDaddy. Home Home Shop. About Us Our specialities Our specialities Our specialities. Our history Our specialities Our history. Photo Gallery. Dad's Coneys. Original Coney 3. Coney with cheese 3. Slaw Dog 3. All Beef Frank Dog 2. Loose Beef Sandwich 3. Pulled Chicken Sandwich 3. Coney Spaghetti 7. Dad's Wraps D large warm flour tortilla with your favorite filling.

Loose beef and Cheese Wrap 4. A flour tortilla with loose beef, onions and Cheddar Cheese. Chicken and Cheese Wrap 4. Beans and Cheese Wrap 4. Chili Wrap 4. Hot Cheese Wrap A flour tortilla with hot sauce and Cheddar Cheese. Basket of Seasoned Fries 2. Fresh Fried potatoes with our own Seasoned Salt.

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Coney Fries 7. Queso Fries 6.

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Cole Slaw 1. Our fresh home style cabbage and mayo blend. Side Queso 2. Our white Queso cheese sauce. Drop us a line! Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

Columbus Ohio or hot dads

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